Rao Mikkilineni’s Professional Bio

Dr. Rao Mikkilineni, Ph D

“My current research is devoted to the design and implementation of a new class of autopoietic and cognitive distributed computing machines which utilize current symbolic and neural network programs to create a higher level of intelligence going beyond current generation AI. Autopoiesis refers to a system with well-defined identity and is capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. Cognition, on the other hand,  is the ability to process information, apply knowledge, and change the circumstance. Autopoietic and cognitive systems improve the resilience and performance of our current generation information systems by orders of magnitude by repurposing them just as the new brain in humans did with the old brain.”

Rao Mikkilineni


Preview of the Presentation “Autopoietic Machines: Beyond Half-Brained AI and Church-Turing Thesis”

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