is4si Summit 2021 TFPIS Presentations

Autopoietic machines: Going beyond the half-brained AI and Church-Turing Thesis
Rao Mikkilineni

Research in the Area of Neosentience, Biomimetics, and the Insight Engine 2.0

Here is a list of presentations with Links to access them

Materialization and Idealization of Information or the Grand Illusion

Modeling data relationships with named sets

Symbiotic Computing: A methodological analysis

Digital Consciousness and the Business of Sensing, Modeling, Analyzing, Predicting, and Taking Action

“Implementing Fuzzy Sets and Processing Fuzzy Logic Information by Molecules”

Turner, David; Information structures and aboriginal ontology

Information processing in living cells: mapping a logic gate to a gene regulation event

Padilla-Castillo, Graciela; Self-learning Information Theory with audio-visual pills for social networks

It and Qubit

Non-Diophantine arithmetics as a tool for formalizing information about nature and technology

Special Session Neosentience, Biomimetics, and the Insight Engine 2.0 (Session organizer: Bill Seaman)

Information in Practical Problems

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