What do We Learn from Cognitive Neuroscience and the Science of Information Processing Structures? What do They Have in Common?

“The Digital world is an extension of the Material world, to which the meaning is given by the Mental world. The information contained in the digital world enhances the mental world creating the Virtual world.”

What is Classical Computer Science, and What are its Boundaries?

“For millennia, the enigma of the world of Ideas or Forms, which Plato suggested and advocated, has been challenging the most prominent thinkers of the humankind.” Burgin, Mark. (2018). Ideas of Plato in the Context of Contemporary Science and Mathematics. Athens Journal of Humanities and Arts. 4. 10.30958/ajha.4.3.1. “The world model provided by the ExistentialContinue reading “What is Classical Computer Science, and What are its Boundaries?”