Session 1: New Directions in Information Processing

Session Organizer: Rao Mikkilineni


Prime-time Lecture: Rao Mikkilineni, Autopoietic machines: Going beyond the half-brained AI and Church-Turing Thesis (Sunday, September 12, 2021 6:00 AM PDT)

Abrahão, Felipe; Wehmuth, Klaus; D’Ottaviano, Itala;  de Carvalho, Leonardo; and Zenil, Hector;  Expected emergent open-endedness from partial structures extensions under algorithmic perturbations

Adamatzky, Andrew; Goles , Eric; Tsompanas, Michail-Antisthenis; Martınez, Genaro J.; Ayres, Phil; Tegelaar, Martin; and Wosten, Han A.; Family of Fungal automata

Akl, Selim; Quantum Exclusivity: Uniquely Non-Classical Information Processing

Basti, Gianfranco; and Vitiello, Giuseppe; A QFT Approach to Data Streaming in Natural and Artificial Neural Networks

Burgin, Mark; and Zellweger, Paul; Modeling data relationships with named sets

Campeanu, Cezar; Relative Randomness and Descriptional Complexity

Eberbach, Eugene; Undecidability and Complexity for SuperTuring Models of Computation

Gentili, Pier Luigi; Implementing Fuzzy Sets and Processing Fuzzy Logic Information by molecules   

Mikkilineni, Rao; The Science of Information Processing Structures and the Design of a New Class of Distributed Computing Structures

Mikkilineni, Rao; and Burgin, Mark; Designing a New Class of Digital Autopoietic Machines

Morana, Giovanni; Implementing a Risk Predictor using an Autopoietic Machine

Pap, Endre; Pseudo-analysis as a tool of information processing

Renard, Didier; Fitness in a change of era: Complex Adaptive Systems, Neocortex and a New Class of Information Processing Machines

Salay, Nancy and Akl, Selim G.; Information Processing in Consciousness    

Wurtz, Tilmann; Information processing in living cells: mapping a logic gate to a gene regulation event

Special Sessions 1 and 2: United Component Presentations*

Bach, Joscha; From Attention to Consciousness?

Cariani, Peter;Outline of a temporal theory of brain function

Davies, Jim; Consciousness, Machines, and Ethics

Donahue, Evan; The Common Sense Informatic Situation: Towards an Android Linguistics

Halpin, Harry; The Evolution of the Extended Mind: From Man-Computer Symbiosis to the Web

Thomas, Paul; Quantum Take on Artificial Intuition

Turner, Mark; Blending to Create Human-Robot Common Ground

Uliasz, Rebecca; The Fake Image: Deepfakes, AI, and the Recursive Aesthetics

*The order of presentations is alphabetical and does not reflect their importance

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