Session 7: Information in Practical Problems

Session Organizer: Arkadiy Dantsker


Burgin, Mark; and Dantsker, Arkadiy; Pollution information acquisition

Dantsker, Arkadiy; Recovering Blurred Images to Recognize Field Information

Dantsker, Arkadiy and Burgin, Mark; Monitoring Thermal Conditions

O’Brien, Patrick and Dantsker, Arkadiy; Reconstructing Pollutant Dispersion Information by Defining Exhaust Source Parameters with an Inverse Model

Schmidt, Malte; Marrone, Stefano; Paraschakis, Dimitris; and Singh, Tarry; Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Transition for Solar Photovoltaic Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

*The order of presentations is alphabetical and does not reflect their importance

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