Session 6: Information Phenomenon

Session Organizer: Krassimir Markov

Bloom, Howard; The History of Information

Brenner, Joseph; Information in Operation: Probability

Burgin, Mark; Materialization and Idealization of Information

Burgin, Mark; and Krzanowski, Roman; Levels of Ontological Information

Cárdenas-García, Jaime; Phenomenology of Information

Krzanowski, Roman; Ontological information – information as a physical phenomenon

Lerner, Vladimir S. and Dean, Malcolm; How Information Creates Its Observer: The Emergence of the Information Observer with Regularities

Markov, Krassimir; Quality of information

Rocchi, Paolo; What Idea of Information Have the IT Practitioners in Mind?

Saldanha, Gustavo; Information morphic theory and hilomorphic theory: ancient philosophical dilemmas in the mirror of contemporaneity

Schroeder, Marcin; Structural Analysis of Information: Search for Methodology

Stanowski, Mariusz; General Definitions of Information and Complexity

Zhong, Yixin; Paradigm Shift, An Urgent Issue to the Studies of Information Discipline

*The order of presentations is alphabetical and does not reflect their importance

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