Session 4: Information in Social Sciences

Session Organizer: Peter Carr


Boichenko, Mykhailo; Value background of information in educational communication

Carr, Peter; Shannon Information and Option Pricing Theory

Leydesdorff, Loet; The Measurement of “Interdisciplinarity” and “Synergy” in Scientific and Extra-Scientific Collaborations

Meissner, Gunter and Sherwin, Hong; Information Parameters for a Stochastic Country-Specific COVID19 Model

Padilla-Castillo, Graciela; Self-learning Information Theory with audio-visual pills for social networks

Postoutenko, Kirill; Flattery, fake news and conspiracy theories: on pathological reduction of complexity

Turner, David; Information structures and aboriginal ontology

Vey Mestdagh, Kees (C.N.J.) de; The case of case law vs statutory law, a uniform formalization of legal information

Wakelee, Andrew; and Thompson, Kim M.; Including Latinx Communities in Libraries: A Theoretical Approach to Information Access

Zinchenko, Viktor; Information transformations of science and education systems

*The order of presentations is alphabetical and does not reflect their importance

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