Session 3: Information in Natural Sciences

Session Organizer: Annette Grathoff


Adams, Johnny; Aging Metrics – You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Benioff, Paul; No information at a distance and local mathematics affect physics and geometry

Czachor, Marek; Arithmetic loophole in Bell’s theorem: Overlooked threat to entangled-state quantum cryptography

Grathoff, Annette; Heterodyning and Interference and their importance for the study of information

Kaszlikowski, Dagomir; Negative Probabilistic Bits in Quantum Theory and Beyond

Kauffman, Louis; From Distinction to Pregeometry, “It from Bit” and Topological Quantum Information

Lev, Felix; Obtaining information about nature with finite mathematics

Lombardi, Olimpia; About the nature of quantum information

Luhn, Gerhard;   The indeterminacy of scientific theories and the end of deterministic ideas

Maldonado, Carlos Eduardo; Understanding life in the light of the physics of the immaterial

Menin, Boris; Informational restrictions in the formulation of physical laws by researchers

Simeonov, Plamen; Organic Mathematics for Integral Biomathics and the Reformation of Science

Tozzi, Arturo; To know them, remove their information: an outer methodological approach to biophysics and humanities

*The order of presentations is alphabetical and does not reflect their importance

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